Oct 152010

ST Discovery Board

Copper = Cheap-O Programmable Pint-sized Educational Robot

What the world needs now is – a Cheap-O Programmable Pint-size Educational Robot (copper for short).  OK, maybe the acronym doesn’t work that well.  Good enough for now?  Maybe one of you will suggest something better!

Here comes COPPER to save the day!

The goal / intent is to design a robot with a price point of $25
bucks!  Yep, that’s right, a $25 dollar robot.  At $25 bucks it’s a no
brainer for the parents. I want to have a robot design that each, and every, kid can afford.

I know what your thinking right about now.  If your only going to spend $25 bucks it’s gonna suck.  Isn’t it?  Well, maybe not!

picture at the top of this page shows a brand new brain board.
The board (its called a STM32-Discovery) cost $12 bucks mail-order from
Mouser.com.  The Mouser part number is: 511-STM32VLDISCOVERY and here is a link.  The Discovery board comes with a 24MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor core.  This Arm micro on the Discovery board is a real powerhouse and is all tuned up for embedded applications.

The Arm chip on the Discovery board has 128k of flash and 8k of RAM.  This is huge for embedded applications.  There are a ton of on-chip peripherals packed into the Arm chip too.  The STM32 Discovery board is going to make an awesome robot platform.

There will be many more posts in this series covering COPPER.  I even have a deadline – by spring I want a teachable platform for the new Boy Scouts Robotics merit badge.  Yes, I’m hoping to teach the Boy Scouts Robotics merit badge using the STM32 Discovery board.

As always, send me your feedback.  Your feedback is a big motivator.

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